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这是本网站(以下称为“网站”)的 Cookie 信息页面。 要详细了解您访问我们的网站或与华润漆交流时我们如何处理您的个人数据,请参阅我们的隐私政策

This is the Cookie information page for this website (the “Website”). To learn more about how we process your personal data when you visit our Website or communicate with Huarun, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

什么是 Cookies?| What are Cookies?

为了在访问网站时为您提供更好的服务,大多数的网站都会使用 Cookie;Cookie 是收集和使用信息的实用技术,使网站更易于使用。 Cookie 是您访问网站时放置在您计算机的硬盘上的一小段文本。 在您访问期间,Cookie 会向华润漆发送数据。

To offer you better service when you visit websites, most websites use Cookie, which are practical technologies for collecting and using information that make a website easier to use. A Cookie is a small text file which is placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. During your visit to our Website, Cookie will send data to Huarun.

它们有什么功能?| What do Cookies do?

例如,我们使用 Cookie 来告诉我们您是之前访问过我们网站,还是新的访客。它还可以帮助我们在您访问网站时增强您的在线体验。

We use Cookies to tell us, for example, whether you have visited our Website before or if you are a new visitor. It also helps us enhance your online experience while you are visiting our Website.

同意在我们的网站上使用 Cookie | Consent to the use of Cookies on our Website

当您访问我们的网站时,您的屏幕上会弹出一个窗口,显示 Cookie 在您计算机硬盘上的位置。

When you visit our Website, a window will pop up on your screen showing the placement of Cookies on your computer’s hard drive.

弹出的消息将简要地为您解释我们的 Cookie 政策。 单击“接受 Cookie”即表示您接受本 Cookie 政策中指定的 Cookie。 如果您不希望接受除绝对必要的 Cookie 之外的任何 Cookie,您可以单击“全部拒绝”按钮。 您也可以单击“Cookies 设置”来设置您对 Cookie 的偏好。

The message emerged will briefly explain our Cookie Policy for you. By clicking on “Accept Cookie”, you accept the Cookies specified in this Cookie Policy. If you do not want to accept any Cookies other than those strictly necessary, you can click on “Reject All” button. You can also click on “Cookies Settings” to set up your preference for Cookie.

选择您的 Cookie 偏好后,您可以随时通过单击此处和本网站的页脚的“Cookie 设置”按钮,并通过此 Cookie 偏好中心调整您的 Cookie 偏好。

After your preference for Cookies is set, you can adjust your preference in the preference center for Cookie at any time by clicking on the “Cookie Settings” button below or in the footer of this Website.

我们可能使用的 Cookie 类型及其用途 | Types of Cookies we may use and what they are used for

华润漆使用不同类型的 Cookie。 我们认为,了解华润漆通过 Cookie 收集哪些数据以及我们的技术使用哪些 Cookie,以及使用它们的目的非常重要。 请查看下列可能使用的 Cookie 类型的概述。

Huarun uses different types of Cookie. We believe it is very important that you know what data Huarun collects with Cookies and that you know which Cookie our technology uses and for what purposes they are used. Please find below an overview of the types of Cookies that may be used.

绝对必要的 Cookie | Strictly necessary Cookie

这些 Cookie 是提供网站基本功能所必需的,不能在我们的系统中关闭。 它们提供您在网站上请求的服务并记住您的 Cookie 设置。 您可以将浏览器设置为阻止或提醒您有关这些 Cookie 的信息,但网站的某些部分将无法运行。 这些 Cookie 不存储任何个人身份信息。

These Cookies are strictly necessary to offer basic functionalities of the Website and cannot be switched off in our system. They deliver the service you requested on the Website and remember your Cookie settings. You can set your browser to block or alert you about the information of these Cookies, but some parts of the Website will not then work. These Cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

性能 Cookie | Performance Cookie

我们使用性能 Cookie 来计算访问量和流量来源,以便我们可以衡量并改进我们网站的性能。 它帮助我们了解访问者如何到达我们的网站、他们使用网站的方式和时间以及我们能够如何改善他们的体验。 这些 Cookie 收集的所有信息都是汇总的,因此也是匿名的。 我们使用这些 Cookie 来测试我们网站的不同设计和功能,我们还使用它们来帮助我们监控访问者如何访问我们的网站。 如果您不允许这些 Cookie,我们将不知道您何时访问了我们的网站,也无法监控网站性能。

We use performance Cookie to count visits and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve the performance of our Website. Such Cookie helps us understand how visitors arrive at our Website, how and how long they use the Website and how we can improve their experience. All information these Cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. We use these Cookies to test different designs and features for our Website and we also use them to help us monitor how our visitors visit our Website. If you do not allow these Cookies, we will not know when you have visited our Website and will not be able to monitor its performance.

功能性 Cookie | Functional Cookie

这些 Cookie 使网站能够提供增强的功能和个性化功能。 它们可能由我们或由我们在页面上整合的第三方提供商设置。 这些 Cookie 帮助我们投放广告并收集有关您浏览习惯的信息,以使我们的内容和广告尽可能与您和您的兴趣相关。 这些 Cookie 还用于通过跟踪点击量来帮助我们衡量广告活动的有效性。 他们会记住您访问的网站,并使用这些信息让您访问我们网站上的定制内容,并在您访问其他网站时向您展示更加个性化的广告。 如果您不允许这些 Cookie,则本网站上的部分或全部服务可能无法正常运行。

These Cookies enable the Website to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. They may be set by us or by third party providers we integrate on our pages. These Cookies help us with our advertisement and collect information about your browsing habits in order to make our content and advertising as relevant to you and your interests as possible. These Cookies are also used to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns by tracking the number of clicks. They will remember the websites you visit and use this information to give you access to tailored content on our Website and to show you more personalized advertisements when you visit other websites. If you do not allow these Cookies, then some or all the services on this Website may not function properly.

定位 Cookie | Targeting Cookie

这些 Cookie 可能由我们的广告合作伙伴通过我们的网站设置。 这些公司可能会使用它们来建立您的兴趣档案,并在其他网站上向您展示相关的广告。 它们不直接存储个人信息,而是基于唯一标识您的浏览器和互联网设备。 如果您不接受这些 Cookie,您将体验到针对性较低的广告。

These Cookies may be set through our Website by our advertising partners. They may be used by such partners to build a profile of your interests and to show you relevant advertisements on other sites. They do not store directly personal information but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you do not allow these Cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising.

社交媒体 Cookie  | Social media Cookie

这些 Cookie 由我们添加到网站的一系列社交媒体服务设置,使您能够与您的朋友和网络分享我们的内容。 这些社交媒体服务可以使用 Cookie 来查看您是否已登录并允许您“喜欢”内容或将其转发给您的朋友。 他们可以在其他网站上跟踪您的浏览器并建立您的兴趣档案。 根据您的设置,这些第三方可能会将您的信息用于他们自己的目的,例如广告。 这可能会影响您在访问的其他网站上看到的内容和信息。 如果您想更多了解这些社交媒体服务如何使用数据,请参阅这些平台的隐私声明。 如果您不允许这些 Cookie,您可能无法使用或查看这些共享工具。

These Cookies are set by a range of social media services that we have added to the Website to enable you to share our content with your friends and networks. These social media services can use Cookies to see if you have logged in and allow you to “like” content or forward it to your friends. They can track your browser across other sites and build up a profile of your interests. Depending on your settings, these third parties may use your information for their own purposes, such as advertising. This may impact the contents and messages you see on other websites you visit. If you would like to know more about how these social media services use data, please refer to the relevant privacy notices of these platforms. If you do not allow these Cookies, you may not be able to use or see these sharing tools.

控制、禁用和删除 Cookie 的其他方法 | Alternative ways to control, disable and delete Cookie

您可以更改设置以阻止 Cookie 或在 Cookie 发送到您的设备时提醒您。

You can change the settings to block Cookies or to alert you when Cookies are being sent to your device.

单击以下链接之一可直接转到您的浏览器手册。 请记住,在删除 Cookie 后,您必须再次设置偏好或在某些网站上再次登录。

Click on one of the links below to go directly to your browser manual. Remember that you will have to set your preferences again or log in again on some websites after removing Cookie.

• IE 浏览器 Internet Explorer

• 火狐浏览器 Mozilla Firefox

• 谷歌浏览器 Google Chrome

• 苹果 Safari Apple Safari

如果您不希望接受任何 Cookie(包括向您呈现网站所必需的 Cookie),您可以将浏览器设置为禁用所有 Cookie。 如果您禁用我们使用的 Cookie,可能会影响您在网站上的整体用户体验。 您可能无法访问华润漆网站的某些区域,或者您在访问华润漆网站时可能无法收到个性化信息。 此外,保存登录信息等自定义设置可能会停止。

If you do not wish to receive any Cookie at all (including those Cookies which are necessary to present the Website to you), you may set your browser to disable all Cookies. If you disable the Cookies that we use, this may impact your overall user experience while on the Website. You may not be able to visit certain areas of the Huarun Website or you may not receive personalized information when you visit the Huarun Website. Also saving customized settings like login information may stop.

如果您使用不同的设备来查看和访问网站(例如您的计算机、智能手机、平板电脑等),您需要确保每台设备上的每个浏览器都经过适当调整以适合您的 Cookie 偏好。

If you use different devices (e.g., your computer, smartphone and tablet) to view and visit the Website, you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is properly adjusted to suit your preferences for Cookie.